Pneumonia is usually caused by infection with viruses or bacteria, and less often by other microorganisms, certain medications, and other conditions such as autoimmune diseases. Pneumonia affects approximately 450 million people worldwide per year, seven per cent of the world’s population, and causes around 4 million deaths per year, mainly in third world countries.


  • Detection target

Set I: M. pneumonia (MP)
K. pneumoniae (KP)
L. pneumophila (LP)

Group II: S. pneumoniae (SP)
S. aureus (SA)
C. pneumoniae (CP)

Group III: P. aeruginosa (PA)
M. catarrhalis (MC)
B. pertussis (BP)

Group IV: H. influenzae (HI)
A. baumannii (AB)
M. tuberculosis/ M. avium (TB/VA)

  • Registration: RUO
  • Detection technology: Real-time PCR
  • Specimen Type: Nasopharyngeal Swab, Nasopharyngeal Aspirate, Oncoalveolar Lavage (BAL), Nasal Swab
  • Analytical sensitivity: 10 – 10² copies

Compatible Instruments

  • * ABI 7500 / 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems)
  • CFX96™ Real-Time PCR System (Bio-Rad)

PCR run time: ~2 hours


HotStart PCR system: very specific and sensitive result
UDG system: No drag contamination
Multiplex PCR System: Multiple targets in a single reaction
Reliable system: automatic PCR control
Positive control included
Easy to use a master mix